Bellucci jewelry was established in 2002.Our latest collection is inspired by Bedoun heritage.By demons trating our skill in the creation of fine jewlery , Bellucci keeps alive its cultural heritage in a modern and innocative way.

The company's mission is to ensure that the grace, aristry and high quality of our jewlery filfils all the hopes and expectations of our enthusiasts around the world.Bellucci aims to create pieces that are evermore beautidul and rare ,in the best jewelry tradition.

In 2002 ,Bellucci won the Eastern Innovations Award the most prestigious award of its kind in the Arab world awarded by the world diamond council , and -against competition with 700 entrants from 52 countries was also selected as one the finalists at the world gold council virtuosi 2 awards,in the technology and design categories.

In 2007 ,Bellucci jewelry achieved the honor and distinction of being selected by the professional jury if antwerp HRD as aone of the 44 finalists-from 1,092 entries world at the HRD awards 2007.

curious by nature and always prepared to innovate,Bellucci is at the frefont of efforts to find new ways of setting diamonds , to bring out the true brilliance of our exceptional work

Our growind success and the steady flow of new orders from our customers around the world has transformed our modest entreprise into a full manufacturing plant.

But just as we have applied the hightest standards to our jewelry ,we are now applying the highest professional skills to the development of our range of timepieces.

Our corporate philosophy is to achieve outstanding quality,purity of design and an impeccable worldwide service to our clients.

Bellucci takes its social responsibilities seriously,and has joined with a group of Saudi ladies to establish the AL-Manahil Foundation for social development ,which runs development programs for young saudi women from underpriviliged backgrounds.

To keep our cultural history alive Belliccy has also helped support traditional handicraft skills and attaches great value to the traditions of good taste that are a part of its heritage.